Complaint Policy

Parents call our office periodically regarding concerns about their child care provider. When the caller wishes to make a formal complaint about a provider, Pomona Child Development advises the caller about the following policies:
  • Pomona Child Development staff helps the parent clarify their complaint and their choice of action. Complaints relative to the quality of care will be documented on the “R&R Complaint Form.”
    Contact will be made known to the provider to express concern and to offer program assistance.
  • For complaints that allege serious licensing violations, parents are asked to telephone the Community Care Licensing Agency in their area and make their complaint directly to that agency.
    Since our service area covers two counties, staff will give the caller the local number to Community Care
    Licensing in the area in which their provider is located.

Los Angeles County (323) 981‐3350

San Bernardino County (951) 782 4200

  • Complaints or threats to the physical safety of a child or knowledge of licensing violations will result in an immediate referral to the licensing agency.
  • While a complaint is under investigation, referrals to the provider may be temporarily suspended.
  • If the license is revoked, temporarily suspended, or placed on probation, the provider will be removed from our referral database.
  • APPEALS:  The provider may request an appeal to Community Care Licensing.

We will not respond to complaints when they involve the following circumstances:

  • When a complaint is received regarding a disagreement between a parent and a provider involving fees for child care services.