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Disabilities Services

Pomona USD Child Development offers an inclusive educational environment for all children, including children with disabilities from ages 0-5.  Our teachers work with parents to develop an individualized plan to help children to succeed.  Children with suspected disabilities are referred to San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center or Pomona USD Special Education for evaluation, to determine eligibility and if services are needed.  Teachers incorporate children’s Individualized Family Service Plans (IFSPs) or Individual Education Programs (IEPs) into the lesson plans weekly for children with disabilities.  We work closely with Regional Center and Special Education to ensure that children with disabilities receive the services as indicated on their IFSPs/IEPs.  Service providers are encouraged to provide the special services for children with disabilities within the classroom setting, whenever possible.  Parent workshops are offered to assist with understanding how to support children at school and how to advocate for children’s needs.  Additional resources to address specific concerns related to a child’s disability are also offered to parents, if needed.