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Head Start/State Preschool: Our preschool programs are focused on many areas of development. Most importantly, we want our children to be ready for Kindergarten and beyond. What makes our program stand out from others is the emphasis on the whole child. We want students to not only be ready academically, we want them to have a healthy socio-emotional background so they are able to problem-solve, self-regulate, and understand how to express themselves which research shows is needed for a healthy academic future. 

Within the preschool classrooms, we use various curricula to support the whole child:

Creative Curriculum for Preschool: The Creative Curriculum is a research-based curriculum that focuses on the whole child to support areas of development so children are ready for school. The curriculum is divided by ‘studies’ where children are able to explore themes and problem solve using ideas using critical thinking skills.

Second Step: The Second Step is an additional curriculum used to support social-emotional development. Children work through problems and scenarios that teach them about conflict resolution, expressing their feelings, and self-regulation.

We offer a variety of program options for Preschool such as: 

Full Day:

This program option is a 6.5-hour program which operates 5 days a week 7:30am-2:00pm. During a full day experience, your child will receive meals such as Breakfast, Lunch, and a snack. Your child will also nap for about 90 minutes. 

Part Day: We offer 2 types of part-day programs.

Head Start (Monday through Thursday)

State Preschool (5 days a week) 

AM 7:30am-11:00am

PM 11:45am-3:15pm



Your child will receive Breakfast and a snack 

Your child will receive Lunch and a snack.

Your child will have snack in this program. 

Early Head Start

Our central premise is that family is the most fundamental factor influencing the lives of children. Besides having education needs, children also require a supportive, healthy home environment with stable and reliable relationships with adults and caregivers. In short, if you strengthen families, you automatically strengthen children.  Our primary goals are to ensure that every child has access to a quality EHS experience, to increase the self-sufficiency of our families.

Early Head Start (Center-Based): 

This is a full day program that operates from 7:30am – 3:30pm, M-F.  Infants and toddlers need a regular schedule that is predictable but flexible enough to meet their individual needs and to take advantage of the learning opportunities that emerge continually every day. The daily schedule for the children is a guide; it provides a framework for planning and organizing the daily routine and play activities for them. The daily routines may be a little different based on the age of your child. For infants we follow their biological needs; they are fed, changed, and set down for a nap as needed. Toddlers are changed / taken to the toilet before routine transitions during the day and as needed.

Creative Curriculum for Infant, Toddler and Two’s: 

Creative Curriculum is a research-based curriculum that focuses on the whole child to support all areas of development so children are school ready. Early Head Start Home Based and Family Child Care Homes utilizes the “Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Two’s”. 

The 5 components in Creative Curriculum are 1) Knowing Infants, Toddlers and Two’s; 2) Creating a Responsive Environment; 3) What Children Learn; 4) Caring and Teaching; and 5) Partnering with Families. Components are incorporated in children’s routines and individualized experiences. PUSD utilizes various resources such as “Learning Games” and other professional materials that are based on the developmental levels of each child to help individualize experiences for children and to engage parents/caregivers.

Early Head Start (Home-Based): 

The Early Head Start home-based program supports pregnant women, children and their families through home visits and group socialization experiences. Early Head Start home visits provide comprehensive services to support and strengthen the relationship between infants, toddlers, and their parents. The strength and quality of these relationships are essential for optimal child development outcomes during this period of rapid social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. We encourage and provide support to practice and build on the activities that are introduced during the home visit. Home visitors are required to conduct home visits on a weekly basis for 90 minutes each week for a total of 46 visits per year. Home visits are planned collaboratively with the parents (or the child’s legal guardian). Our goal is to support the parents in their roles as primary caregivers of the child and to facilitate the child’s optimal development.

Group Connections/Socializations are another opportunity to strengthen and support relationships by providing parents with the opportunities to: obtain feedback from EHS staff and other parents or community based professionals about their child’s interests, strengths, needs, and resources; observe their child responding to other children and adults; and share and learn from others about the challenges and joys of parenting.  Group Connections/Socializations are held twice a month (unless otherwise noted) for 2 hours, which total 22 socializations for the year.

The Parents as Teachers Curriculum (PAT) is implemented for the home-based, prenatal-3, education services. This research-based curriculum is used by Parents as Teachers certified parent educators to provide age-appropriate information to parents and help them lay a solid foundation for their children's school and life success. The curricula covers all domains of development, emphasizes increasing parents' knowledge of child development and focus on parent-child activities that foster child development.  Teachers provide a wide variety of materials and plan experiences that build on children’s interests and expand their learning. PAT provides highly individualized lessons with a strong parent involvement