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Selecting A Child Care Provider

Selecting a Child Care Provider

Parents/guardians should take time to select a child care provider who will meet their needs and the needs of their child (ren). Parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to thoroughly research a child care provider before placing their children at the location. 

Parents/guardians may contact PUSD Resource & Referral for assistance in locating licensed child care and to obtain information on choosing quality child care. Parents/guardians must inform PUSD of their selected provider choice prior to beginning services with the provider. 

The Pomona Unified School District Resource & Referral Department (R & R) believes that parents are best able to evaluate and select the right childcare for their children.  We do not recommend any specific provider; we only provide the parent with a list of providers randomly selected from our computerized referral database.  Parents are urged to visit any childcare facility they may be considering and make their own decision carefully. We serve providers and parents in our area on a non-discriminatory basis, regardless of income, race, religion, national origin, sex, age, or disability.  All information received is kept confidential.


Complaints or threats to the physical safety of a child or knowledge of licensing violations will result in an immediate referral to the licensing agency.


While a complaint is under investigation, referrals to the provider may be temporarily suspended.

If the license is revoked, temporarily suspended, or placed on probation, the provider will be removed from our referral database.


APPEALS:  The provider may request an appeal to Community Care Licensing.


Families enrolled in CAPP, C2AP, or C3AP may select from the following types of providers:

Child Care Provider Types 

Licensed Facilities

  • Child Care Centers
  • Large Family Child Care Homes (up to 14 children)
  • Small Family Child Care Homes (up to 8 children)

License-Exempt Centers

  • i.e., YMCA
  • School Districts

License-Exempt Individuals*

  • i.e., grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends
  • May require Trust-line


*Additional requirements must be met in order to select this type of child care provider.

Parents/guardians must notify PUSD two-weeks prior to changing child care providers. Parents/guardians are encouraged to give their child care provider a two-week notice before discontinuing services with the provider. If the parent fails to give this notice to the provider, any financial obligation for failure to provide the notice is the parent/guardian's responsibility. If there is an emergency please contact your caseload technician.

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Oliver’s Law

As a parent, you have the right to get information about any substantiated or inconclusive complaints about a child care provider that you select for your child.  That information is public and you can get it by calling the local leasing office.

Los Angeles County Office (323)981-3350

San Bernardino County Office (951)782-4200