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Applications will be accepted between

June 17th 8:00 am PST – July 8th 11:00 pm PST


Pomona Household Universal Grant (HUG) Program

The City of Pomona, in partnership with FORWARD, invites applications for the Pomona Household Universal Grants Pilot Program (Pomona HUG). This program aims to support eligible residents through financial assistance and research participation.
  • Up to 600 applicants will be randomly selected for participation:
  • 250 participants will receive $500 each month for 18 months as part of the paid group.
  • 350 participants will join the control group and receive $20 stipend payments monthly for 18 months.
  • All participants will have the opportunity to complete surveys administered by UCLA, with each survey completion earning a $50 bonus payment.
Selected participants from both groups will receive benefits counseling and resource navigation services under the Pomona HUG program. Additional resources, including financial coaching, parenting skills, and career counseling, will be available through Los Angeles County.
Eligibility requirements and more information found here:

Apply Online:

Need help applying for the Pomona HUG program?  

If you would like assistance with your application, we invite you to come to an in-person event available through Just Us 4 Youth located at 363S Park Ave #104, Pomona, CA 91766.

Create an Account  

Please create an account ( got to before coming to the event if you can do so. Staff will be available to help you if needed.
  • A smartphone, laptop or tablet that can access the internet and your email.  Staff will have a limited number of devices to use during the event, so bringing your own, if available, will be helpful.
  • Proof of Pomona residency
  • Proof of Age (photo ID)
  • Proof of parental responsibility or legal guardianship


View our news page for more information on the City of Pomona Household Universal Grants Pilot Program
Vea nuestra página de noticias para obtener más información sobre el programa piloto de subvenciones universales para hogares de la ciudad de Pomona Source: Forward Platform and the City of Pomona