Provider Eligibility

Each child care provider must submit a Provider Generated Rate Sheet and a copy of the Provider’s written policies for families. The provider agrees that the rates charged to all families are the same regardless of the family’s subsidized or unsubsidized status.

Licensed Child Care Center and Home Providers 

Licensed child care centers and family child care homes are required to maintain an active child care license through Community Care Licensing and follow Title 22 Regulations. Other documents requested by Pomona Unified School District/Child Development, including a copy of the provider’s current child care license(s) are required. Find out more about Community Care Licensing at

License-Exempt Centers 
  • License-exempt centers must be in compliance with Title 22 Regulations with regard to staffing requirements, ratios, and attendance recording requirements.

  • Pomona Unified School District/Child Development require a signed document from the center, confirming their awareness of and adherence to Title 22 Regulations, to be kept on file.

  • The family benefit for the Pomona Unified School District/Child Development programs cannot be utilized for child care services offered by non-regulated summer camps or recreational programs.

  • Other documents may be required.

License-Exempt Home Providers
  • The provider must be 18 years of age or older. 

  • The provider (and the parent/guardian) must complete a Health and Safety Certification.

  • Additional steps and documentation must be completed before provider services can be approved, both the parent/guardian.

  • The provider must complete a Criminal Record Statement.

  • The provider must complete the Guardian (TrustLine) Registry and Live-Scan/fingerprinting process in order to have a background check completed through the California Criminal History System, the California Child Abuse Central Index, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Criminal History System.

  • Pomona Unified School District/Child Development must receive Guardian (TrustLine) clearance before child care reimbursements are made.

  • Pomona Unified School District/Child Development reserves the right to deny services with a provider who has a disqualifying Criminal history based on Guardian (TrustLine) guidelines.

  • More information at

Who May be Exempt of a Background Check

If the provider is the grandparent, aunt, or uncle of the child, they may be exempt from this process. However, Pomona Unified School District/Child Development reserves the right to have all license-exempt providers complete this process.

Rate Sheet License-Exempt Home Form

Each license-exempt home provider may submit a completed "Rate Sheet License-Exempt Home Form" indicating the rates requested for providing child care for the family served by Pomona Unified School District/Child Development. 


You may choose to attend a one-on-one License-Exempt Orientation with Pomona Unified School District/Child Development to learn about program policies, rules, and the reimbursement process.

Learn More

Pomona Unified School District/Child Development strongly encourages license-exempt providers to learn more about becoming licensed through Community Care

Additional Resources

There are resources available to assist individuals with this process and to provide training opportunities. Contact our Resource and Referrals Department for more information at 1-800-822-5777 or 909-397-4740.