Enrollment Guide


Welcome to our Early Childhood Education Programs! We offer Head Start and Early Head Start services tailored to children from low-income families. Thank you for choosing us to nurture your child's growth. Our aim is to create a stimulating environment where all children can flourish. We value your involvement as your child's first teacher and encourage you to join us in shaping their learning journey. Let's embark on this exciting educational adventure together!


Below, you'll find a step-by-step application guide for school enrollment.



1)   Pre-Application Form

  • Parents must fill out the Pre-Application form either in person or online.
  • This pre-application will determine if parent qualifies.

2)   Formal Application and Documents

  • If the parent qualifies, they will be provided with a formal application to fill out.
  • Parents will be asked to submit the documents in the checklist below.
Submitting Documents
  • Put documents in an envelope with child and parents name on it. 
  • Drop-off the envelope at the mailbox, outside our office.
  • You may also use the pre-application online form to upload your documents.

3)   Review and Preferences

  • Application and documents will be reviewed.
  • Parents will be informed what program they qualify for.
  • Parent will be asked for their preferences
    • (school site, AM or PM class, center-based or home-based programs)

4)   Approval and Handbook

  • Supervisor will review application, documentation, and preference.
  • If approved, parents will be contacted.
  • Parents are encouraged to read the Parent Handbook.

5)   Join Us!

  • Parents are encouraged to join these committees to make a difference and stay informed.
    • Policy Committee
    • Parent Advisory Committee
  • Parents are encouraged to join the Parent Involvement program for resources and training.
    • Check out the Parent Involvement Program page below.