Student-Parent Support Overview

School support services encompass disability services, mental health support, nutrition programs, and parent hub, all essential pillars of student well-being and academic success. Disability services ensure equal access to education for students with disabilities through tailored accommodations and support. Mental health offers services to support and promote psychological well-being and resilience. Nutrition programs provide nutritious meals to support students' physical health and cognitive function. Parent hubs serve as centralized platform for parental engagement, offering access to information, resources, and communication channels with the school community. Together, these services create inclusive, nurturing environments where all students can thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.

Disability Services

Pomona USD Child Development provides inclusive education for children aged 0-5, collaborating with parents to create individualized plans for success. Children with suspected disabilities are referred for evaluation, and teachers integrate IFSPs/IEPs into weekly lesson plans, working closely with Regional Center and Special Education to ensure services are delivered. Parent workshops and additional resources are offered to support children's needs and advocate for their education.

Mental Health Services

Our early education programs aim to foster children's self-control, self-esteem, positive peer interactions, secure attachments, and emotional expression. Mental Health staff offer consultations, workshops, parenting strategies, classroom observations, and community agency connections, providing support during traumatic events. Feel free to reach out for assistance if needed.

Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services provides comprehensive services to infants, children aged 0-5, and pregnant women, offering education on various nutrition topics and counseling for addressing nutrition concerns such as underweight, obesity, anemia, and diabetes. Additionally, the program connects families with food bank resources and collaborates with PUSD Food and Nutrition services to ensure enrolled children receive nutritious meals meeting their dietary needs.

Parent Support Hub

Welcome to this centralized online platform where parents can access important information, updates, and resources. The purpose of a parent hub is to streamline communication, facilitate parental involvement in their child's education, and provide easy access to important information and resources that can support the educational journey of their children.